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Sunday, August 17, 2003

Daddy Day Care

It was probably my 1000th visit to the Bicester Village. A designers factory outlet at the outskirts of Oxford I started to shop since it opened its door during my univ days. Then, in its early days, there was no direct bus into the 'village'. We had to take the Oxford-Bicester bus from Gloucester Green, and stepped down on the main road into Bicester Town and made a few hundreds metres walk to the shops. There was no ATM machine either. So we had to carry lots of dosh. Since then, it has gone a few phases of extensions + improvements and lots of facilities added; direct bus, cash machines, info centre, children's playground, etc. Designed by my former office, LSH, it was done in a New England style to be a pseudo village high street. A stop at the Clarks outlet at one end would surely meet you with fellow Malaysians.

Today, we brought along a friend's mum, visiting from home, and her 4 year old grand daughter....and it was truly a daddy day care for me. It was 'fun'...though I must admit, was tough. I guess I have to start practising to look after 2 kids as my 2nd is due later this year. At the end I rewarded myself with a £10 (normal retail price: £40) Matinique blue shirt...and an Iced Caffe Latte.

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