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Friday, January 26, 2007

"it's a wrap"

Today was the final day for Kakak and the children on 'The Golden Compass' set at the Shepperton Studios... the place they've been on and off since late October last year. Well done to all the children who worked hard on the battle scene, with the Tartars and Gyptians.

We were supposed to be in Livorno, near Pisa, Italy since yesterday morning, but the day before, Kakak's agent informed that the originally scheduled final shooting next Monday had been brought forward to Thursday and Friday. So, early yesterday morning, Mummy, Sofea, NZ & W departed to Pisa as scheduled without Daddy and Kakak. She wasn't happy but accepted the fact that Livorno/Pisa will always be there, but not this shooting.

Luckily, we were on Ryanair 1p tickets. Next time lah gi... (we've been to Pisa years ago, when Kakak was a little girl).

txt msg from NZ (Mummy's phone dah kong) petang tadi, when they were in Florence:
Kat Armani ni, just came out from Ferragamo! Dah mental!
mmm... expecting loads of Ferragamo (the only brand Mummy put her feet into and sling on her shoulder) to arrive back soon, adding to half a dozen of those still-in-their-maroon-boxes at home.


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