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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Introducing Kim

Last two days were very busy for Kakak (and Mummy)... again, recording for Toonattik at GMTV Studio in London (near Waterloo Stn/London Eye). This time, they shot for tv and cinema commercial... well, sort of promoting the programme. It will be soon screened at cinemas across the country, in addition to ITV and Nickelodeon channel.

Dressed in green combat trousers, black top and black gloves, Kakak was the Kim Possible. KimAmong other acts, she had to come down on a rope from a 'helicopter'... into her heroic cartoon action. There were about 20 kids altogether. For two days, they had great time at Studio 5 and Kakak did really well.... praised by the presenters and the production team; they want her back.

It was about 8:30pm when she finally done with her stuff (from 11am), and GMTV was very kind to provide her (and mummy) an mpv ride back home, after lots of hugs and kisses from Jamie and Anna. It was 10+pm when they got home... to sleeping adik and daddy.

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