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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


So, what happened since.
Last week:

Monday was 'You Talk, I Talk' in the City of Dreaming Spires when two now-rival Nusantara jaguh went head-to-head with their separate talks at the same time; one at Christ Church College, the other at St. Catherine College. Too bad, it was during office hours and I had deadlines. Otherwise, I might have gone to one, as invited.

Tuesday was busy at work....arghhh.

Wednesday had to drive up to Cambridge which took me nearly 3 hours in a cold snowy morning. The refurbishment project just started on site with demolition well underway. It was b****y cold. At about 4-ish, left the site for a meal at friends' place. Been planning to visit them since they arrived 3 years ago. Now, they're packing their stuff as she has finished her PhD.

Thursday morning, rushed to another site nearby in Oxford. Marston Ferry Sports Centre refurbishment is 2 week to the completion date and everyone is working like mad on site. It's looking good. [Kakak returned to Eastbourne, and straight away did 2 shows; matinee and evening].

Friday; yet another list of drawings needed updating for Building Regs submission.

Saturday night; went to see Chef Shawal al-Haj at Holiday Villa. He showed some flood pics and gave us a bottle of Zam-zam water. As always, a full tummy from the buffet; nasi beryani was among served.

Sunday; Kakak returned home. Next show: Northampton 15-19th March.

Monday; back at work.....

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