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Monday, March 07, 2005

Mutha's Dey

Yesterday was the Mothering Sunday here in the Blighty island. Though it's also known as Mother's Day, Mothering Sunday is the fourth Sunday of Lent and has no connection with the American's Mother's Day celebration of which other countries follow suit. I once send my Mama a Mother's Day card, forgetting that Msia celebrates the day in May as in the States (and probably the rest of the world except this omputih land). Surely, she must be puzzled.

cardAnyway, Kakak made a card for Mummy. She acted as a waitress, took order and brought breakfast to the bed. Daddy cooked nasi goreng cina and 'pulled' a jug of tea. Plus a full bowl of nice crispy khepok gote.

Later in the afternoon, we went to the annual Woodley Festival of Music & Arts, which was in its 33rd successful year running. Kakak and her yearmates formed a choir and contested in the '8 year and under' category. They sang two lovely songs, and won the competition. Well done girls!

choir Then, in the late afternoon, after our tea, went to the River Thames' bank; a stone-throw away from our house to feed the swans and ducks, as we always do now and then. It was cold, so we didn't stay long.....

Dah habis weekend.... kejap sangat.

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