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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Maal Hijrah

Today is Maal Hijrah, the beginning of the year 1426 in the Muslim moon-based calender. It starts with the month of Muharram.

Earlier this evening, Muslims of Oxford gathered for a majlis at our teacher's abode. A majlis of many dua, Quran recitation including Yassin, marhaban, and followed by tasbih prayer.

As always, whenever the erudite young Malaysian scholar Sheikh Muhd Afifi al-Akiti organise a majlis, Muslims from various background, races, countries, and colours would eagerly gather. In fact, since the arrival of the Sheikh a few years ago, Muslims in Oxford, regardless of which sub-community they're from, have somehow come together in many occassions; indeed a rare in this country, sadly. Alhamdulillah.

The 'other sheikh' was rumoured to attend the majlis as well, but that somehow didn't happen. Well, his schedule is pretty full as he told me last week. Next time, insyaAllah.

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