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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blog power

Much has been said about the resignation of CNN chief news executive on Friday. The off-the-record remark that brought him down was not at all reported by any mainstream media, but by a non-journalist blogger in his personal blog who happened to be there.

Earlier this morning, in BBC Radio 4 programme, one of the discussion panels said that the public shouldn’t report on news as they pleased, and journalists should be the gatekeeper of news. Mmm… I guess, from now on I have to submit my blog posting to my award-winning fellow countryman(g) Beta-Blogger who belongs to this upper echelon fraternity, for approval. Ke guane?

This means that I can’t write on the visit of a Doctor person to my kampong for a lunch and a walk through the construction site of a very prominent building he helped funding. Or perhaps some other things…. probably a ‘kirim salam’ would be followed by ‘bersalam’, who knows. Opps, better not go there. Sorry, gatekeepers.

On another matter.

This morning, Kakak’s chaperone called mummy; Kakak was sick and threw up a couple of times. So, mummy dashed off to Eastbourne where they play is currently performing, which is about 100 miles down to the south coast from our place. Though she was fine by the time mummy got there, as a matter of policy, she couldn’t stay, in case it was an infection, which would jeopardise other kids in the tour. Hence, another 100 miles trip back with Kakak and her suitcase and the next two shows will be missing the youngest princess on stage. She'll be back with them next week.

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