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Monday, January 24, 2005

it has commenced...

On Saturday 22nd, the first show commenced at Liverpool Empire Theatre. It started with a matinee at 2:30pm and evening show at 7:30pm. We caught up with Kakak at the Stage Door as she was taking a break before the 2nd show and snapped these pics (the 2 smaller on the right).

Too bad that we couldn't take photo of Kakak in her lovely costume.
We later sat on their evening show and enjoyed the brilliant play. Kakak was great on stage, well done! As the youngest princess, she had to carry around a small doll and once in a while suck her thumb.

Adik enjoyed the show very much as well and clapped at the end of every scene. She was so exhausted about three-quarter way and retired on my lap. The final thunderous claps woke her up though. We met up again after the show (the bigger pic) and congratulayed them all as they came out via the Stage Door. My goodness, it was so cold.... coming from down south which is yet to see snow this winter, we were shivering. It brought back memories when I used to frequently visit Glasgow and Edinburgh years ago.

As I'm typing this entry, Kakak is on stage, performing for the Press... all the best!
She's coming back tomorrow afternoon; the rest of the show in Liverpool will be performed by the local kids. Then, they'll move to Manchester of which the other touring kids group ('Bangkok') will do. Next one for Kakak is Eastbourne.

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