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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Chok dee kon ying

Earlier today, Kakak departed with her touring theatre group to Liverpool for their first show and press night from Euston Train Station, London. Later in the early evening, her chaperone texted mummny:

We have arrived safe and sound. Hotel is fine and we are having tea! Chat soon. King and I 'n' co.
Mummy called her via the chaperone; she was happy and enjoying the whole thing (of being independent, I guess).

Yesterday, mummy bought a new luggage for her. We thought of giving her a mobile phone but changed our mind in a view that she might lose it. As I blogged before, this is the first time Kakak is away from us since birth, apart from one or two odd nights now and then when she arranged her sleep-over at friend's.

All the best Kakak !!!

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